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How goes things?
thats awesome pyre
So i can get on in evenings XD
Ok so i finally have a lappy thanks to a friend of mine.
no worries lynn shai wasnt feeling well we had to cancel it
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Welcome to the Guild Ryuukai. We are a fun, active, and mature guild working to be helpful to our guild members and to be respectful to the other players in the game of Runes of Magic. We are on the Reni server and welcome all input to the guild that will help to keep the guild running smoothly and along the core goals of the guild also to ensure that we can be helpful to all the other people in the realm of Runes of Magic.
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Siege is Back

ShikiRyuu, Apr 10, 14 10:25 PM.
Well they finally fixed the siege time so its back to the time that we can do the sieges that we had planned so we will start up the siege schedule this Friday 04/11/14.  The siege nights will be as follows now Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednsday nights at the 10pm est time.

New Siege War Schedule

ShikiRyuu, Mar 1, 14 10:42 AM.
With the new changes to the Siege War times we will be making a change to our Siege War Schedule, since it makes us have to do Siege at a later time we will make our Siege War Nights on specific nights they will still all be at the same time on those nights. On the calendar i will post up the nights that we will do instance runs instead these will be nights that i don't work and we are not scheduled for siege that night.  These changes will start on February 28, 2014.  The new Siege Nights and Times are as follows:

Fridays       - 10pm EST
Saturdays    - 10pm EST
Tuesdays     - 10pm EST
Wednsdays - 10pm EST


ShikiRyuu, Nov 11, 13 7:02 AM.
I would like to welcome our newest members to the guild, we are glad that you all have decided to join our guild.  May our guild continue to grow as we have friends join us and continue to play a like the relaxed atmosphere that we try to have for all our members. And with that here is a few names of recent members to the guild: Istia, Salynndra, Calamaches, Yester and Wrathbringer (who finally got himself added to the website hehehe).
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We Are Recruiting!
We are currently seeking the following:
- Active, Mature, Respectful, and Team Oriented (Helpful) Members. We are a Family!
- Any classes however that character MUST be level 25 on BOTH classes! (25/25).
- The guild DOES NOT provide power leveling, DO NOT ask or you will be kicked!
- We are a sit back and relax guild, We do not push you to complete your toon! Play as the time is convenient for you!!
 ::. Any questions, please message one of our officers!.::
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